Quotes and Purchase Orders

  • Pricing. Prices on the goods specified do not include any city, state, or federal excise taxes, including, without limitation, taxes on manufacture, sales, receipts, gross income, occupation, use, and similar taxes, fees, or other charges imposed by governmental entities. When applicable, taxes will be added to the invoice as a separate charge to be paid by Buyer. If an exemption from a tax is claimed, supporting documents must be furnished by Buyer prior to delivery. Unless otherwise stated, any and all sales quotations provided by WEST-CONN TOOL to Buyer shall automatically expire fourteen (14) calendar days from the date issued, and are subject to termination by WEST-CONN TOOL by notice to Buyer at any time.
  • Terms of Payment. Unless otherwise agreed to, all payments shall be due thirty (30) days after the date of WEST-CONN TOOL’S invoice. All payments made after thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice shall be subject to a service charge of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month based on the outstanding balance. WEST-CONN TOOL is NOT responsible for errors made in manufacturing parts when working with solid models without detailed engineering drawings with tolerances. Customer MUST provide a part number with revision and part name. For Research and Development (R&D) prototype projects, WEST-CONN TOOL reserves the right to adjust estimated costs upon project completion in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Additional quote(s) may be necessary for engineering costs not initially quoted.
  • Delivery and Risk of loss. All shipments under the initial order are F.O.B. WEST-CONN TOOL’S facility, Shelton, CT and all risk of loss shall pass to Buyer at that time regardless of the method of shipment that may be elected by Buyer. Shipping will either be paid by Buyer’s shipping account or added as a separate charge on the invoice.
  • Materials. Contract manufacturing orders are conditional upon WEST-CONN TOOL’S ability to obtain the necessary raw materials at a reasonable price, and all shipments under the order are subject to WEST-CONN TOOL’S supply schedules and any government regulations, orders, directives, and restrictions that may be in effect. Customer will be contacted before manufacturing should raw material prices or lead times change significantly.
  • Due to ongoing pricing volatility in most raw materials markets, West-Conn Tool approved material suppliers have begun quoting material as “Price in Effect” (P.I.E.) at time of shipment. Therefore, all West-Conn Tool customer PO’s are understood to accept P.I.E. adjustments at time of shipping. We do expect materials market stabilization to occur sometime in the future. However, until then, we will be unable to estimate firm material pricing in our quotes. As always, we are fully committed to providing high quality products and services to you and appreciate your business and continued support.